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      At the moment Hungary is the number 1 country in terms of value for money, according to the latest list of the American Forbes magazine. The list is compiled based on the strength of the US dollar compared to the local currency and the price of air tickets.

      Halmosi Zsolt
        It might sound a commonplace that one of the safest counties in Hungary is Vas County; but looking at statistics it is a certainty as well. All our guests arriving in the county along with our citizens living here can feel safe in the public premises and in the touristically important places. I am confident in stating and advising that those who come here will leave with experiences gained.

      Kovács Ferenc
      To begin with, there is this territory: The Valley of the River Rába, the Írottkő in the Kőszeg Mountains, The Őrség Region, Kemenesalja and Kemeneshát. All of these are so beautiful and distinctive areas that I think they are worth exploring on foot, by car or even riding a horse. Every single part of the region treasures some beauty. We have traditional wine regions, time honoured gastronomy and we have our beloved and respected geniuses.

      Dr. Ilona Hári
      My name is Dr. Hári Ilona and I am a dental specialist. I completed my studies at the Department of Dentistry of the Semmelweis University of Medicine in Budapest in 1983. I have lived here in Szombathely since then. I started to work here and I have been running a private dental surgery for 18 years. What I offer is the full-spectrum of dentistry and within that I deal with aesthetic dentistry on a large scale. What we mean by this is tooth-coloured fillings, porcelain linings, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and teeth whitening.

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